This is YOUR party…

…join in and make it happen!
Behind the scenes, most of the action starts in mid fall and ramps up after New Year’s, lasting until Mardi Gras Day. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Choices: (Multiple selections allowed)
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Day Of – This is the big kahuna. The main event. The Big Day. We need people to guide revelers from start to finish…from parade to party!
Before Event – Behind the scenes where it’s at. If you like directing and deciding, rolling up your sleeves to make the best Mardi Gras celebration in the region, this is for you.
Fundraising – No parade fees. No cover charge. That’s still the plan but Durham’s very own Mardi Gras still needs to pay for bands, permits, beads, you name it. Can you help?
Publicity –  Have lots of ideas for getting the word out? Help the public learn about our event through all available channels – social media, advertising, local radio and TV stations, poster-hanging, and, well, you tell us!
Outreach – Durham Mardi Gras is all-inclusive, all-kinds, all-music, all-ages and all-people. Many different Durham area communities might celebrate Mardi Gras or need to start, with us! Here’s your chance to bring them to the table.