What are Krewes?

Krewes, or “Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs”, are the life’s blood of Mardi Gras.  Krewes are groups that form for Mardi Gras to put together something, anything, for the event.  They can march in the parade… Interested? Read all about it then register your krewe today!

Krewe Papa Mojo Krewe MG 2013

Krewe Papa Mojo’s, all set for Durham Mardi Gras 2013

Krewes may build a float, decorate something, dress up funny – who knows?  Got an idea and a bunch of crazy friends?   Maybe you can form a krewe.  Do you and your buddies all have trombones and drums in your closets that you’d love to parade with?  Maybe you can form a krewe. Maybe you’re not ready to form a krewe, but you could help us coordinate krewes, or maybe we can point you to a krewe to join. 

Krewe Doing the bulltown strut  Oct 2013 gala

Hey, it ain’t the Stutters‘ fault! One Dolla Red Beans and Rice Gala, Oct 4, 2013


Mermaids and Faeries! Oh My!  The Eclectic Adventures Krewe

Mermaids and Faeries! Oh My! The Eclectic Adventures Krewe



A krewe (pronounced “crew”) is an organization that puts on a parade or ball, or even both, during the Carnival season.  The term ‘krewe’ is best known in New Orleans and other Mardi Gras celebrations around the Gulf of Mexico.

Some krewes also style themselves as ‘Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs’. In addition to Mardi Gras fesitivies, they participate in community and charitable activities. Durham’s very own Krewe of Ariadne has sought to foster this tradition with a masked charity ball and Krewe day of service.